Durian flakes, the ultimate gourmet experience

Sometimes, a processed product is superior to its origin.

Wine is a typical example. Grapes taste so-so, but wine is an adventure for taste buds.

Wine tastes different from wineyard to wineyard, even from year to year. No other item on the human diet offers so much diversity of an intensely pleasurable stimulation of the oral cavity as does wine.

Except durians.

Even though most people of the west only know the rather bland Thai Mon Thong hybrid variety, durians come in an extreme variety of tastes.

In parts of the world with an old stock of durian trees, such as Indonesia, every group of trees can have a distinguished own taste.

But there are some problems with durian consumption. The plant has an extremely strong smell which is usually perceived as unpleasant (to say the least). Even durian afficionados admit that the fruit stinks, and that a stink is a foul some.

The smell and taste of a substance are two different things. Smells are based on volatile gasses, and tastes on solid or liquid components.

Sure, when we consume a fresh durian, the aroma we perceive stems from both, the stimulation of the olfactory bulb and the stimulation of taste buds.

That doesn't mean that taste bud stimulation alone would be inferior. The gourmet pleasure of wine is concentrated in the taste, not the odor.

And in the case of durians, the smell is hell, and the taste is simply paradise.

AAZA Durian of Thailand, in cooperation with Sumatra Pasak Bumi of Indonesia, has now developed a durian processing technology that gives you the durian taste without the durian stink.

Our durian flakes are nothing but durian, nothing is added, no sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial flavoring. But with the durian flesh exposed to our proprietary air stream technology, volatile gas components, and moisture, have been removed.

The result are durian flakes that can be consumed in any environment without offending other people, lay people or connoisseurs.

Durian flakes

Durian flakes, 360 grams (produced from 12 kg fresh durian) – $120 US dollars

Durian flakes, 720 grams (produced from 24 kg fresh durian) – $216 US dollars

Durian flakes, 1440 grams (produced from 48 kg fresh durian) – $388 US dollars